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Astrology was once a well-respected science. It was used even for diagnosing medical conditions. The vast majority of people think we've progressed, but one can't help but wonder if it's not possible that we haven't moved backwards - important link. After all, we don't want to live in harmony in the cosmos. In reality, most people believe that humans are too advanced to believe things like the cosmos. Let's face the facts: The vast majority of people don’t believe their lives could be affected by the movement and influence of the planets or stars.

History of Medical Astrology – There are many records of medical and astrological practice that date back to Roman times. According to these records, doctors regularly consulted astrological charts in order to diagnose.

Can humans really say that they fully understand the workings and nature of the universe? You should remember that people in western civilization today are more interested in conquering than understanding the universe. But, this hasn't always been so.

The medical aspect of astrology is one area of astrology. An astrologer simply needs to look at a person’s astrological charts to be able to predict what type of problems they will face in the future. The type of the illness is determined by the number of houses.

No matter how skeptical you may be, the planets can have an impact on our health. Mars, which is a fiery, hot planet, can enter Leo and gain excess power. This can then cause brain hemorhages, tumors, and other health problems such as high blood pressure, brain hemorhages, or even death. Mercury on the contrary causes paralysis and nervousness. Venus, however, causes kidney problems. Each sign of a zodiac is believed to be responsible for a specific area of the body. Pisces rules feet, Cancer the stomach, Taurus the neck.

Medical astrology practitioners will recommend remedies for patients based upon the unpleasant effects of various planets. Most remedies consist of a range of gemstones.